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live look outside right now at the washington monument. it is already 10 degrees hotter than it was on thursday. happy friday, everyone. welcome to fox 5 morning news. it is already 10 degrees hotter than it was yesterday so you are in for it as we approach the weekend on a very hot friday. let's check in with tucker barnes to see what we can expect for the rest of the weekend. >> this is the way i like it. i like you out there and me in
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here. nice and cool in here. we are still in the 80s. this is not fair. # 6 at reagan national and you can see these temperature not cooling off overnight. the heat wave continues. 81 in winchester. we are in for a allot more heat. not much in the way of relief today. very quiet conditions continue. we're going to be as warm if not warmer today than yesterday. our highs this affect maybe 102. mix in the humidity, it could feel like 115 plus. it did for a time yesterday. excessive heat warning continues today and tomorrow as this heat wave continues. more on the weather in just a minute. one man is hospitalized after a police involved shooting in the district. this happened last night in the area of missouri avenue and georgia avenue in northwest. that is where a man allegedly pulled out a gun and turned
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towards the police officers. they shot him several times. at last check, he is in stable condition. a springfield map accused of killing his father is being held in a pep pen jail. richard happen son is awaiting extradition to virginia to face a murder charge in the death of his 75-year-old father. gary hanson was found shot to death in his home tuesday. possible good news in the nfl as openers have voted in favor of a tentative 10-year agreement that wopped the four- month-old lockout but the players have not signed off on it yet -- that would end the four-month-old lockout but the players have not signed off on it yet. in the debt showdown, the president and house republicans are holding secret talks to try again for a grand bargain to cut deficits by $4 trillion but a short-term plan is gaining
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momentum. republicans oppose higher taxes. the democrats don't want to cut medicare. now, think about this. if you're hot, just ma'am how your pets feel. hiewt many society is appealing to pet owners to make sure they keep a close eye on their pets when we are dealing with this extreme heat. matt ac lapped has the story. >> does he appear to be in distress right now. >> reporter: at the washington humane society, the extreme heat is prompting calls from worried residents. officer jennifer gardner checks out each of those calls with a sight visit. >> we got a call from someone saying that the two dogs had been outside all day and i guess he felt it was too hot outside. >> reporter: we followed officer gardner to this northwest home where we found two dogs out back. they and very hot. they had no shade and they were even using their drinking water to cool off in. >> we encourage people to find a place inside of their homes to bring the dog in, whether it
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is somewhere in the basement, the bathroom. >> reporter: this summer, the washington humane society says several dogs have died in this extreme heat. this pit bull named lacey was rescued last week after their owners were warned to protect her from the elements. in this case, the dog and to be overheated but not enough to remove them. >> once we talk to them, maybe we can advise them of the dangers of leaving dog outside in the heat and maybe they'll keep the dog inside tomorrow when it will be even hotter. >> reporter: neglecting animals in this heat can be considered a crime. in some cases, if there is serious neglect and the pet
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dies, the owner can be arrested. plenty ahead, your weather, traffic and fox 5 morning news starts right now. live look outside. that would be nice to be in some water right now. that is silver spring, maryland. a water fall. very, very nice on a very hot end of the week. happy friday, everyone. welcome to fox 5 morning news. i'm wisdom martin. tucker barnes is here now without his coat on. >> you inspired me, wisdom. >> it was outside. >> i don't care. it's hot everywhere. you're right. >> if anything, today will be a few degrees worse than yesterday so this is dim the dangerous category as we get into the next couple of days when your overnight lows are in the mid-80s. that is not right. >> not comfortable. >> there will be one or two more clouds today. i guess that will bring a little shade, a little relief. at least the possibility of an
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isolated thunderstorm later today. i've got to be honest with you. most of us will be high and dry today with temperature quickly jumping into the 90s. we'll top out maybe 102 today. excessive heat maps. this is today and tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. heat index later today will be approaching 115. yeah, that is not comfortable. 86 right now. humidity, 74%. could be a late-day storm for one or two of us. by 5:00 p.m., we'll be in the low 100s. >> you said with all the heat and humidity and everything, maybe 115. >> that is what it will feel
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like. >> unbelievable. >> dangerous. >> lauren, please give us some good news. not a lot going on right now but 115? >> we've got the humidity. it is not cool. we do have some good news for you. if you are traveling in montgomery county, we had been deal with the delays southbound georgia avenue because of the water main break at randolph road. the past two days, it has affected the morning commute. it was supposed to be reopened by 5:00 a.m. this morning. the good news is it is already open. let's take a look elsewhere as you travel northbound 395. no problems from the beltway up across the people into the district. things hooking good on the beltway right now. overnight construction is wrapping up. 95, 66, 270,bw parkway, all incident-free. the extreme heat can be extremely dangerous. there are cooling centers set
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up in several parts of our region today. we get more on that now from fox 5's sherry ly live in silver spring. >> reporter: good morning. you said something about a water fall earlier this morning here just a few minutes ago. i wouldn't recommend jumping down a water fall. but by the end of today, as the temperatures continue to right, i could see myself running through that fountain. it is already sweltering hot out here. temperatures are only expected to get worse. it is up comfortable and it is dangerous. for those without air conditioning, it is definitely a difficult thing. they can find some relief from the heat. d.c., maryland and virginia all have cooling centers open throughout the area. there is a list of all those centers on our web site, when it is around 100 degrees or more expected today, there is no escaping it outside as
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the sun beats down. people do their best to find some shade and some water. heat exhaustion and heatstroke are a danger when it gets this hot. in d.c., it is hard on the rescuers working too who have seen their calls spike. >> this is pretty brutal out here. we've already seep the last couple of days, we've seen our call volume up over 500 calls a day. >> you add another maybe 60 to another 100 degrees because we have this gear on and you are going into a hot element. it is kind of of hard to explain because it is like being in an oven. like they tell you to stick your hand in the oven with a mitt on. you take that mitt on and stick your hand in.
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it wears them out real fast. >> reporter: roasting. that is what i would say. firefighters expect a lot more calls as the temperatures rise. the elderly and young and those with chronic conditions are most at risk. after several days, there is a cumulative effect and they could end up in the hospital. there has been a 25% increase in heat-related calls as they mentioned. that translates to about 300 additional trips to the hospital. firefighters, of course, are used to this but even in this heat, they do need some help. they carry with them in their crews these cooling machines and they also have what is called a cooling chair where they can cut their extremities in ice and i can tell you that probably would feel really good as it heats up later today. >> any mention of the word ice is probably a good idea today. >> we are not the only ones dealing with . nearly 2/3 of the country in the grip of this up bearable
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temperature hike. the so high pressure called heat dome is pushing temperatures in most states to record highs. one major concern, utilities. new york's con ed sop is warning customer to expect outages as the temperatures get oop higher. the national weather service posted a warning saying do not take this threat lightly. making headlines this morning, a police shooting in northwest. police had received reports about a man firing a gun in the area. when they arrived on the scene, officers located the man fitting that description. >> the suspect was armed with a shotgun, starred to run. discarded the shotgun as he ran through appear alley and today out a handgun and turned towards the officers at which time officers discharged their weapons on the suspect. >> the suspect was hit several times. he was taken to the hospital and we are told he is in stable
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condition. no officers were injured. a springfield man is accused in the shooting death of his elderly father and is waiting extradition to virginia. richard hanson was arrested early thursday morning at a hotel in scranton, pennsylvania. well, it looks like we are one step closer to having some football. nfl owners have voted in favor of a tentative 10-year agreement that would end the 4- month-old hockout. players have not signed off on it yet. players didn't vote last night because they had not seep the full proposal approved by openers. under the deal, the players would be able to report to teams tomorrow and the league year would open on wednesday. but again, the players have not
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approved it yet. turning to the debate over raising the debt ceiling, president obama is holding a town hall meeting at the university of maryland at college park. about 1,000 people are expected to show up for this event. the president will be talking about the economy and the need to raise the nation's borrowing limit. the senate is voting on a house plan to cut the deficit. democrats say it has less than one chance in a million of passing the senate. and while the senate continues working, majority lead are reid is angry that it plans to be off this weekend and the white house is denying a report that the president and speaker boehner were close to an agreement last night that did not have tax increases. the proposal by the gang of six senators is also in the works but critics say it is short on details. more trouble for former north carolina senator john edwards concerning his last presidential campaign. find out why he is at odds with the federal election commission. new allegation in the news
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making headlines, the official end to don't ask, don't tell. defense secretary lee op panetta is expected to certify today that gays can openly serve in the armed services. news of the decision comes just two weeks after top military leaders agreed that eliminating the 17-year-old ban will not hurt military readiness. repeal of the ban would be effective 60 days after certification. new allegations in the news of the world phone hacking scandal. a former news international legal manager and a former news of the world editor are contradicting testimony by james murdoch. earlier this week, murdoch told parliament, he believed a spying scandal uncovered years ago was the work of a single rogue reporter but the two executives say they had told murdoch about an e-mail that
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also pointed fingers at other journalists. scotland yard is investigating new claims. more trouble for john edwards stemming from his last presidential campaign. he has been ordered to pay back millions in federal funds. federal election commission says edwards received more than $2 million in matching fund for his 2008 campaign that he wasn't entitled to. federal auditors say the campaign understated its cash and overstated its expenses. edwards' attorney says the democratic campaign doesn't owe anything. as we deal with this extreme heat, one huge rule of thumb, drink plenty of water. but up next, there are some dos and don'ts you should be aware
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of. a doctor we are all familiar with will share some tips. lots more heat in the forecast. i'll have the details on that for you. and lauren demarco is in with a look at your morning traffic. 3q yes! stain gone. in the first wash. stain, stain's gone. in the first. first wash. with resolve laundry stain remover you get four times more power. so it's guaranteed to remove tough stains in the first wash. this one's clean. the first time round. in the battle against stains resolve gives you a reason to celebrate. trust resolve. forget stains.
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the extreme heat is take a
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toll on thousands of civil war reenactors. they are in town celebrating the 150th anniversary of the battle of bull run. they gathered in manassas. many spent the night in tents on the battlefield and trying to cope with this oppressive heat. tucker, you were -- >> i was a reenactor for an hour or two yesterday. >> this is the toughest heat that we've ever experienced. the 140th anniversary was very hot. today, it was terrible. >> now, yesterday kicked off four days of commemmorations at the battlefield. fox 5 was there live all yesterday morning. major reenactments are scheduled this weekend. more than 8,000 reenactors and 10,000 people are there. you were there yesterday and you had on short sleeves. >> i will say to you that those
4:47 am
outfits are so heavy, you could wear those in the wintertime and be comfortable. i drop know how the guys will survive the next couple of days in any sort of comfort at all. >> it is up believable. i was watching you yesterday and i saw that you were hot and can i only imagine what it is like for them to be out there and roughing it, sleeping outside. the whole nine yards. it was amazing. >> an amazing event, the whole thing. let's get right to it. i have a lot to talk about and i only get two minutes. at reagan national, we did not hit 100 degrees. we only hit 99. it never fell that cool because you mix in that humidity and it felt more like 110 plus during most of the day yesterday. dulles, 100 yesterday. today, believe it or not, a few degrees warmer than yesterday. i think the dew point temperatures will be up even more and our heat index will be even a little bit higher later today than yesterday. just no real relief until early
4:48 am
next week. 86degrees. it is 4:45 in the morning and it is 86 degrees. that will set a record for an overnight maximum minimum. satellite-radar, not a lot to show you. the computer model are trying to indicate the possibility that we could get one or two thunderstorms bubble up later today. the best chance is in the mountains out to the west. that is a big dome of high pressure. that will keep us very dry around here. no real relief in the form of any kind of cold front. here we go again. another just excruciating day with temperatures over 100 degrees. there you go. 103 later this afternoon. mostly sunny, hot, humid. code red air quality. that is an unhealthy air quality by the way. excessive heat warning through 10:00 p.m.
4:49 am
tonight. 85 overnight. could be an early storm. very warm and muggy overnight. this your winds out of the south at five miles per hour. yes, 100 tomorrow. 95 on sunday. better chance for a storm here later in the weekend and a little bit better by monday and tuesday. less humidity as well. let's do some on-time traffic. lauren demarco has the latest. >> is it worth going to the beach? will it be cooler out there? >> yeah, two degrees. >> great. all right. the good news is things are not really heating up on the roads yet in the early morning hours. that situation at randolph road has been cleared out. you are able to access groirnl in both direction between randolph road and arcola -- jim moran in both directions between randolph road and arrest coal -- you are able to
4:50 am
access georgia in both directions between randolph road and arcola. 270 headed southbound out of frederick past hyattstown towards the split in bethesda, no problems for you. also traveling 66 inbound, we do have the volume building here after 50 fair oaks to the right of your screen but no delay. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. metro has beefed up its staff in this heat wave with temperatures near triple digits. some railcars are having problems staying cool and there are concerns that the rails could buckle. maintenance workers have been placed throughout the system and on the cars to look for track issues and respond to unair conditioned railcars, so- called hot cars. >> there are some problem cars out there. they are in ray very small percentage. there are a handful of them that we know are chronic losers when it comes to hot cars.
4:51 am
we are working on those cars specifically. >> maryland transit administration is also working to keep things on track during the heat wave. officials say crews will work aggressively to address any issues on marc trains and resolve them as quickly as possible. watercoolers will be provided to passengers at union station. america's favorite doctor, dr. oz is moving to fox 5 in the fall. he shared some tips on how to keep from getting sick in this extreme heat. >> dr. oz welcome to the d.c. region. >> thank you very much. >> part of the nation right now is gripped in this heat dome with temperatures near 100. when are some of best ways to protect ourselves. >> the hydration, a lot of folks think it is just about drinking water. that is not the case. you need the electrolytes that you use in your sweat.
4:52 am
you want to eat foods that are moist, papaya, melon, milk being juice products are all great and you don't want to drink a lot of caffeinated beverages like teas and coffees. >> what about sports drinks? >> i'm not big on them because a lot of them have caffeine- like products in them. they will get your body to urinate out the fluids you have. the natural enzymes or processes that keep our cells alive in life, they stop working. they become inefficient. folks who are going to have a heatstroke will often stop sweating. they can't get rid of the heat. when you notice the symptoms, you want to begin to hydrate but a few other little tips. i love doing these and we do it on the show all the time. it is stuff can you do at home.
4:53 am
first off is to mist yourself. keep something around yourself that has a mist like for a plant. it will cool you down. very effective for folks who have a little bit of extra heat that they can't get rid of. the other one that works really well is ice. putting ice in parts of your body that accumulated heat. that will cool you down. you can put some ice on them. >> we promise we won't last if we start to see those big water stains on people. we'll understand it is just the ice. we see people running in temperatures like this. should people still be exercising right now. >> this will blow your mind. the u.s. army looks at temperature, how soldiers can do. if it is 116 heat index which it is in the washington, d.c. area today and tomorrow we expect the same, then they only allow to go out and exercise for about 10 minutes. not much a workout in 10
4:54 am
minutes. you will sweat a lot but you won't be too happy doing it. if you are not moving around, you can stay out for about a half hour but to take about 10 minutes off after that. do a little yoga. >> last but not least, what can we expect from the dr. oz show this fall. >> i'm so excited. i'm talking about things that i know will change your life. we spent a left time the first couple of years talking about the things you need to do to stay healthy. today, it is all about motivation. we will be in washington, d.c. and in all great cities of this country doing calls, looking for people who want to change their lives for the better, people would want to lose weight. we want to transform the nation by coming to you and talking to you where you live. we'll celebrate the things you do right and get on your tail for things you do wrong and help you get over that hump to motivate you in the right direction. >> we are looking forward to seeing you every single day right here on fox 5. stay cool.
4:55 am
>> you do the same. >> thank you. a fox 5 health alert on the power of positive thinking. a new study shows having a positive outlook could help lower your risk of stroke. researchers study more than 6,000 people over the age of 50 and rated their levels of optimism from one to 16. they found that, for each point increase, the risk of stroke decreased 9% during the two- year follow-up period. the reason, study authors believe that people who expect the best things in life take active steps to stay healthy. if you are looking to get away for a little r & r but not sure where to go. coming up next, a new travel web site could be just what you need. we'll show you how it works when we come back. stay with us. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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if you are looking to get away and escape some hot weather, maybe go to somewhere a little bit more police an, a new travel start-up site may be what you're looking for. fox business' christina scotty has more. >> everyone loves vacation, whether it is exploring new york city's times square for the first time or relaxing on the beach somewhere. so what people don't look forward to is the hassle of figuring out the logistics of the trip and that is what the new start-up is out to change. you go on wander fly's site, put in your budget, pick some interests like beach, outdoors, at venture or history and you will be given options on places to travel that you probably wouldn't have thought of. >> wander fly is a travel site which allows you to search for travel in a fun way. our goal is to make the
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experience as fun as travel itself. it answers three simple questions. having answered those questions, we give you results and give you inspiration the way like a friend would. how about miami or how about rio. >> that is where the founders are betting that wander fly's suggestions will be places that you personally like and that their videos and information on those places will help make things less confusing. >> so the moment you decide to take a trip and you're not sure exactly where you are going, you're faced with an overwhelming

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